Social activities

Saturday 4th October - White Night/Nuit Blanche

BielaNoc CERS 2014White Night/Nuit Blanche is an international arts project, materialising the desire to rediscover the urban environment which, thanks to art, reaches another dimension. During the night the city changes into an interactive space and its usual night cycle ceases to exist for several hours. Musical and light installations will breathe life into the city night and the night becomes white. Cultural and public spaces open their doors to visitors and prepare an unusual artistic experience for them. Since 2002, the project has received great interest from audiences around the world. Over several years, the project has spread from Paris to other large cities - New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Madrid and Toronto. This list has also included Košice since 2010.


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Sunday 5th October - Košice Peace Marathon


For many decades up to now, autumn in Kosice bears witness to an event which over the course of time has become an integral phenomenon of life in this historical metropolis. The word marathon has been heard in this area since 1924, when 8 brave souls, inspired by the olympic marathon in Paris were sent off by Vojtech Bukovsky, founder of the Kosice marathon, on their first great adventure. Today this marathon, the most massive, and one of the most significant events in Slovakia takes proud in the attribute of being the oldest marathon in Europe - only the Boston Marathon in America has written more years into its annals among the continually organized marathons.

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Sunday 5th October - Welcome ceremony

Place and time will be published soon ….


Monday 6th October - Bowling contest

The  bowling contest will be held in the Bowling Spot on October 6, 2013 at 5:30 pm. This social activity includes a dinner in the same place. The sport shoes will be provided by the Bowling Spot. If you have any additional question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Monday 6th October - Tokaj region - excursion - wine tasting

Tokaj CERS 2014Tokaj wine region is situated in the Lower Zemplín in the northeastern corner of Slovakia. It follows a growing area, most of which are located in Hungary. This area is also the smallest and most attractive wine-growing region of Slovakia. It consists of the southern slopes of the Zemplín hills planted with vines after two millennia. Tokay area is one of the few areas in the world where grapes can be grown for the production of naturally sweet wines. The Tokaj wine is said to be the elixir of eternal youth. Generally, the wines of Tokaj claims to have medicinal properties. The beginnings of viticulture in the area are known from the period of domination of the Romans, when the region was part of Pannonia. After the fall of the Roman Empire Slavs continued to grow grapes. Large merits in the development of viticulture in this area are attributed to the Italian settlers in the 13th and 14 century, who brought a new production here of experience, but also on variety Furmint Tokaj wine. From the time of the Turkish wars in the 16th - 17 century the majority Tokaj cellars have been upgraded as shelters for people and property from the marauding troops. The first law, which concerned the Tokaj area was issued in the 1655th.

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Tuesday 7th October - New cultural infrastructure in Košice - Excursion



Kulturpark CERS 2014The aim of the multi-genre cultural centre is to provide space for the creation and presentation of elements of the highest quality from contemporary culture and art in the area of music, visual arts, literature, film, theatre and dance. This will be a new model of cultural institutions in the city, new art-social space for mutual interconnection of visitors and progressive trends in the area of art and creativity


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Kunsthalle CERS 2014After the branch of the river close to the pool was diverted, the building statics were disturbed and therefore it was no longer possible to use the building despite its favourable position and size. The aim of the reconstruction is not only to save the building but to take the project further and transform the internal area into a multi-functional centre – Kunsthalle. Due to its architectural disposition, the building will mainly be used for organising international exhibitions, exhibitions of a chamber nature for the next generation as well as workshops. The strategy of ”Košice elements: light, water and sound” in the Kunsthalle/Hall of Art will include interviews with artists, exterior projects such as mapping, sculpture, sound, objects and an interactive environment

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Tuesday 7th October - Informal dinner

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Wednesday 8th October - Kechnec village - industrial park excursion

Kechnec CERS 2014The Kechnec Industrial Park is one of the best-prepared industrial parks in Slovakia. According to experts, it has a potential to create up to 15,000 jobs. Currently it employs more than 3,000 people. The total area of the park is 332 hectares, 80 ha for small and medium entrepreneurs, 200 ha for strategic investors and 52 ha for a logistical centre. Among the biggest companies situated with the park belongs GETRAG FORD Transmissions Slovakia, Magneti Marelli Slovakia.


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